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A Study on the Clinician Probed for Issues in Relation to Police Information

Surendra K Sharma

Keywords : Medicolegal case, Non-medicolegal case, Police information, Self-inflicted injury, Self-suffered injury

Citation Information : Sharma SK. A Study on the Clinician Probed for Issues in Relation to Police Information. Journal of Medical Academics 2018; 1 (2):86-90.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10070-0018

License: NA

Published Online: 01-12-2018

Copyright Statement:  NA


Background: Police information (PI) is a clinician's legal duty in medicolegal case (MLC). But informing late or not informing or informing inadequately or deceptively is questionable and debatable. Mistake, glitches, and flaws in police information do embarrass clinicians. The embarrassments of the clinician usually go unreported. This is a study on real mistakes and embarrassments in which clinician faced investigators ire while explaining one's stand in favor or against considering the MLC. Aim and objectives: To study the expectation and demand of PI. It is also to know and identify how embarrassments took place, who embarrassed and who tried to hide the reality. Materials and methods: A retrospective study of cases with respect to patient's presentation vis-à-vis clinician's role and investigational expectations and ultimate outcome. Results Witch hunting in self-inflicted injury (SII) and self-suffered injuries (SSI) makes PI crucial. Probe unearth conspiracy and the clinician's role. It was too difficult for a clinician to appear genuine where he looked to a part of the conspiracy. Mistakes in deciding the issue of the MLC or nonmedicolegal NMLC usually are due to deceptive tampered background story, false implicating tendencies. Conclusion: SSI of the type of firearm injury, sharp weapon injury and digital fracture are as much a headache for the clinician as for the investigators. Consequences of misinformation affect clinician not only as an individual but also affect the profession. The message should be clear and loud that the witch hunt should not start from the clinician's information to the police. The obsession to get the things manipulated makes clinician's performance suspicious. Exclusion of MLC from the nonmedicolegal case (NMLC) was not as easy as it looked. Clinicians need to act proactively. Interested parties might oppose a proactive role in sending information.

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